Business of Shipping Competition

The Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) and the CMA Education Foundation annually seek papers written by students attending US colleges and universities with programs and/or courses on the shipping industry, international trade, marine transportation, marine science, and marine engineering.  Students must be working towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Winners present their papers at a featured session at the CMA Conference each year.

The Business of Shipping 2022 Call for Papers is OPEN! Papers and presentations should be submitted by January 24, 2022. For submission details and topic suggestions see below.


The Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) and the CMA Education Foundation are seeking entries from students attending American maritime colleges and universities with programs and/or courses that deal with shipping, international trade and marine transportation.

The Connecticut Maritime Association, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization established in 1984 and has an educational mission. It is an association of individuals representing every aspect of shipping and international trade, both ship and cargo interests. The CMA Education Foundation, a 501c3 non profit, was established in 2011 to expand and grow the educational outreach mission of the CMA.

CMA’s annual Trade Show and Conference, March 29 to March 31, 2022, will feature a session entitled “Student Research Presentations on the Business of Shipping” on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. To qualify a student must be an individual working towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a US university.

All papers are to be original manuscripts and the topics should have practical application to industry problems, issues, or policies. Papers will be reviewed by teams from academia and industry. Three papers will be selected and awarded certificates, with a first place award of $2500, second place award of $1500, and third place award of $1000. The awards are courtesy of d’Amico Shipping Group. Papers, presentations or portions of the submissions may be published in industry publications and/or on the CMA Education Foundation website or annual report.

All topics of the “Business of Shipping” are acceptable. Possible topics that students may wish to explore might include:

  • Financial pressures and survival among owners of ships – tankers, bulk carriers, containerships
  • The supply chain impact on maritime operations and maritime business
  • Imbalance between the supply of, and the demand for, ships and their implications
  • Global warming and its effect on the output of agricultural goods and demand for bulk carriers
  • Global maritime policies such as those covering safety, environmental emissions, invasive species and ballast water issues, market competition, etc.
  • Regulation, enforcement and governance in the maritime field
  • Energy – oil, gas, coal, wind, solar – what are its effects on the shipping industry?
  • Vessel operating issues – for example, crew recruiting, retention and education
  • Ship waste disposal, environmental ship scrapping, population growth and migration and their impact on demand for resources
  • Piracy – risks, results and solutions
  • The environment – regulations and technological solutions
  • Cyber security and data protection for vessel and shore-side offices
  • Others, such as: the Maritime Labor Convention, emission issues and technological solutions

Submit your paper and presentation by January 24, 2022. Submissions are to be emailed only. Feel free to contact Shmuel Yahalom if you have any questions.

Submit to:      Shmuel Yahalom, Ph.D.

Distinguished Service Professor

State University of New York, Maritime College

6 Pennyfield Ave.

Throggs Neck, NY 10465

Phone: 718 409 7290


The Business of Shipping 2020 Winners presented their papers as on On-Demand Session at CMA Shipping 2020. No competition was held in 2021. 

Business of Shipping 2020 Winners

1st Place $2,500: “The Impact of Container Alliances on Shippers & the Logistic Chain”

by Joshua Velazquez, SUNY Maritime

Joshua Velazquez

2nd Place $1,500: “Challenges Facing the US Flag: Revitalizing the US Merchant Fleet through a Shift of National Focus”

By Joshua Alfaro, CAL Maritime

Joshua Alfaro

3rd Place $1,000: “IMO 2020: What more needs to be done?”

By Stephen Paris, SUNY Maritime

Stephen Paris

The Awards are courtesy of d’Amico International Shipping.