CMA Education Internships

The CMA Education Foundation provides Internship Stipends to students interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry.

Education entails scholarly performance in the classroom and, perhaps more importantly, the hands-on learning that takes place outside a classroom. Internships present an excellent opportunity for this kind of learning while also allowing maritime companies and future job applicants alike a commitment-free trial period – which the CMA Education Foundation is happy to subsidize. We believe that the ultimate beneficiary of these activities is the maritime community as a whole.

Subject to satisfactory completion of the requirements below, we will pay interns $300 per week, up to a total of 4 weeks. There will be an additional 4 week subsidy available, on a case by case basis. It is important that interns complete and submit their registration form prior to the start of the internship.
To qualify, interns must work for a domestic maritime company. The company should have at least one CMA member. The company supervisor should qualify the employment as an internship. As the internship grant is intended to promote internships, it should be an initial consideration (i.e. the CMA Educational Foundation should be contacted before the internship begins).

To apply for a CMA Internship Stipend:

  1. As soon as you have secured your position as an intern with your host company, please complete the Internship Registration Form and return the completed form to the CMA Education Foundation ( The form MUST be completed as neatly as possible, so that there will be no errors in processing the internship stipend.
  2. Upon completion of the internship, the Intern is to write a brief essay about their experience, what was learned, etc. The essay is to be emailed to the CMA Education Foundation.
  3. Once the essay has been received and approved, the stipend will be approved for processing, and forwarded to the Intern.