CMA Education Scholarships

The purpose of the scholarship program is to provide financial support to students who have excelled in maritime studies while allowing CMA members to connect with promising young people about to embark on maritime careers. Programs vary by school but there are multiple one-time Scholarship awards ranging from $1,500 - $5,000 payable directly to the student.  There will also be one $10,000 tuition reimbursement scholarship awarded to the top essay.

The CMA Education Foundation Scholarship Program is open to students as follows:

  • All maritime academy students participating in a maritime related field of study, including deck, engine, and non-regimental students
  • Undergraduate and Graduate School students in the United States at maritime academies, or at colleges and universities that have maritime related degree programs
  • High School students enrolled in schools in the United States with maritime related programs
  • Students in their final year of High School or College, if they are continuing their maritime related education upon completion of their current program

Awards are presented to students nominated by the faculty at their school (high school, undergraduate or graduate school) based on a variety of criteria, most particularly an interest in and aptitude for pursuits within or beneficial to the maritime industry.

Completed applications are due on June 22, 2018

Last year, we awarded nearly $35,000 in scholarships among students from 7 Universities and 5 High Schools.

Download Scholarship Application