The CMA Education Foundation provides a vital link between shore side maritime companies, maritime students, and maritime interns. To do this, we have leveraged our central position in the Connecticut maritime industry to develop a program consisting of three main segments: scholarships, internships, and events.

Scholarships -
The purpose of the scholarship program is to provide financial support to students who have excelled in maritime studies while allowing CMA members to connect with promising young people about to embark on maritime careers. Programs vary by school, with awards ranging from $500 - $1,000. Awards are presented to students nominated by the faculty at their school (high school, undergraduate or graduate school) based on a variety of criteria, most particularly an interest in and aptitude for pursuits within or beneficial to the maritime industry. Last year, we awarded nearly $30,000 in scholarships among students from 15 different schools.

Internships -
Education entails scholarly performance in the classroom and, perhaps more importantly, the hands-on learning that takes place outside a classroom. Internships present an excellent opportunity for this kind of learning while also allowing maritime companies and future job applicants alike a commitment-free trial period - which the CMA Education Foundation is happy to subsidize. We believe that the ultimate beneficiary of these activities is the maritime community as a whole.

To qualify, interns must work for a domestic maritime company. The company should have at least one CMA member. The company supervisor should qualify the employment as an internship. As the internship grant is intended to promote internships, it should be an initial consideration (i.e. the CMA Educational Foundation should be contacted before the internship begins).

Events -
The CMA Education Foundation seeks to open its events to the next generation of maritime industry participants and as such provides discounted or even free admission to events for students where possible.